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  • keywords in which you have some background, and
  • keywords of expertise (what you consider your strength and are able to teach others).

We will use this information to understand our community better and what we can do to support member learning in their areas of interest and those with expertise who can offer invited sessions or papers.

Area of Interest Interested and Have Some Background Area of Expertise
Open Education/Pedagogy
Technology & Pedagogy (Personalized, PBL, Makerspace, Large Lecture, etc.)
Learning Theories
Online, Blended/Hybrid (in class and online consecutive), or Blended Online (asynchronous online and synchronous online)
Multi-access, Blended Synchronous, or HyFlex (concurrent merging of modes)
Networked Learning / Social Media in Education
Technology Integrated Learning
Digital or Open Scholarship
Technology and Society
Learning Analytics
Systems Thinking, Educational Change, Innovation, and Adoption Theories
Design and Multimedia Development
Technology in Indigenous & Settler Education and Reconciliation
Technology and Inclusion, Diversity, and Accessibility
Teaching and Learning of Coding and Engineering
Knowledge Construction, Management, and Sharing
The Internet and Privacy, Safety, Consent, and Data Ownership
Technology and Culture, Participation, and Engagement
Gaming in Education
Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation in Education
Administration, Policy, and Enterprise Solutions for Technology-Integrated and Open Learning
Emerging Technologies for Teaching and Learning (AI, AR, VR, etc.)
Technology-Enabled Assessment and Portfolios
Theoretical Development
Qualitative Research Methods and Analyses
Quantitative Research Methods and Analyses
Mixed Methods Research
Other Areas of Interest or Expertise
Your Context(s)
Your Input
Feel free to leave us any comments you may have about OTESSA, what you hope to see, and how we might serve you best within the conference or through broader initiatives.
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